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They Scoffed When I Said Their Pet Treats Were Poison.

But When Their Golden Retriever Died…

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Dear Fellow Dog Lover,

Hi, my name’s Rick Blaine, and these are my friends Kate and Leo with Max, their Golden Retriever.

Last October, Max got sick – and died.

He was only 6 years old.

When Leo told me, he was eaten up with guilt. I saw it in his eyes.

Turns out, he and Kate bought 4 boxes of contaminated dog treats. They knew nothing about the recall until Max was gone.

But that’s not all…

Just a few months earlier, my wife and I visited them for Kate’s birthday. The kids were playing with Max – having him do tricks for dog treats.

I just happened to pick up the box and, out of habit, looked at the ingredients (a habit I got into after marrying a fitness instructor).

“Leo,” I said only half-jokingly, “Man, do you know what’s in these things?”

“I know,” he said, “but he really likes them.”

I let it drop, but I thought back to when Ilsa and I had first adopted Stella, our Siberian Huskie. Ilsa, being the health-conscious type, wouldn’t even consider feeding Stella anything but all natural food and treats.

Almost all the commercial dog treats we researched had the same ingredients:

  • Wheat flour – a cheap filler. Known for causing allergies and digestive problems. Number one ingredient in most commercial treats.
  • Corn – another cheap filler, not easily digestible. It can raise your dog’s blood sugar levels, potentially causing diabetes.
  • Meat and bone meal – more disgusting than it sounds. Without knowing the type of meat, it’s probably 4-D, the cheapest and lowest of the low. This could be diseased tissue – even roadkill – heck, some people say it could even be bone fragments swept off the floor!
  • Natural flavor – We have no way of knowing what this is – only that it’s a way to convince dogs to eat the treat that they wouldn’t be interested in otherwise.
  • Artificial colors – All of which are potentially cancer-causing, and are only added to make the treats more appealing to the dog owner.

We discovered the more ingredients, the lower the quality of the treat. The top name brand treats have more than 30!

Our vet, who specializes in holistic pet care, gave us a list of companies that offer treats that are chemical and hormone-free. We carefully considered each one.

It was more work than we thought… but Stella’s not just a “dog” – she’s family. We decided we would only feed her treats that were:

  • Made by a company with a proven track record of providing wholesome food and treats for dogs. No newcomers – no manufacturer with a sketchy past need apply.
  • Organic – no chemical additives.
  • Made with ingredients sourced from farms that only follow organic, chemical-free practices.
  • Corn and wheat-free
  • Approved by both FDA and AAFCO
  • Made only in the USA
  • Made with fewer than 10 ingredients

We discovered that some companies list protein as their number one ingredient. When we dug deeper, it turns out this “protein” is almost always from corn.

Our vet told us the first ingredient should always be meat – not protein.

One company on our vet’s list stood out from the rest. It was founded by a husband and wife team, Rose and Jack Dawson, in 1990, in Grayslake, Illinois – we looked it up, it’s about an hour north of Chicago.

The company’s name is Furry Friends Natural Products. They have ads in The Bark and Dog Naturally magazines, which we read and trust.

Their treats are called “Puptastic Naturals,” and they come in 5 flavors – chicken, beef, liver, lamb, and turkey.

Of these five, Stella prefers the liver flavor. Her treats contain:

  • Liver
  • Carrots
  • Potatoes
  • Brown Rice
  • Green Beans
  • Pumpkins
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Vitamin E

Vitamin E is added as a natural preservative, and also acts as a potent antioxidant – this can protect Stella from developing cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

They are made in a “people-food” kitchen from ingredients that are sourced from local farms in the Midwest that practice organic, chemical-free farming.

Their kitchen exceeds both the FDA and AAFCO standards.

What customers are saying:Vet Holding Dog

“We’re proud to be one of the first veterinary clinics to carry your products,  especially since we offer holistic and alternative pet care in addition to traditional medicine. We endorse only the healthiest, safest products, and Puptastic Naturals are at the top of our list of recommended treats.” — S. Karovski, DVM

Woman Holding Dog“Our dogs are truly our best friends, and we won’t feed them anything less than human-grade ingredients. This includes treats. Thank you so much for producing a quality product for our pups.” — C. Dale

“Bentley just goes bonkers for your lamb treats! He’s just a young guy, and weWoman With Dog give him your treats to train him on his good manners. It’s such a comfort to know I’m giving Bentley a healthy treat every time he sits patiently or comes when called. I think your Puptastic Naturals are fantastic!” – G. Wilson

We give Stella Puptastic Naturals every day, and she loves them. Our vet gives her health an A+. They are the only treats that check all our boxes… and the only ones we trust 100% to give Stella all the vitamins and nutrients she needs to live a long and healthy life.

A 32oz box of Puptastic Naturals is only $16.99, and if you order before midnight tonight, Furry Friends will include a sampler pack of all 5 flavors, absolutely FREE (a $20 value)

To give your canine family member the most trusted, healthiest treats available anywhere, simply click here to order, or visit www.puptasticnaturals.com.

Wishing you and your furry friends all the best,
Rick Blaine

P.S. Don’t forget to order before midnight to get your FREE sampler pack of all 5 Puptastic Naturals Flavors (a $20 value)

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