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Why would a potential buyer choose your solution over your competition?

What makes you unique, and how can you convey that uniqueness to your prospects?

These days, trust is at an all-time low. And while it’s important to have a professional website that lists your products’ features, benefits, and prices, understand your solutions are being considered with extreme skepticism.

Studies show that information put out by your company ranks close to the bottom of the list of trustworthy sources—just above telemarketers.

How do you combat this?

Simple…Let others do the talking for you.

Case studies leverage the power of your satisfied customers by telling their story—how your solution solved their problem, and the results they achieved.

As a case study writer, I help B2B companies create results-oriented customer case studies by asking questions that draw out powerful quotes and metrics that speak to the needs of your audience.

I started writing for marketing purposes in 2003. At the time I was a network marketer who was being told that the best way to promote my business was to buy a list of leads and make cold calls. I’m way too lazy for that, so…

I bought a couple of books by Dan Kennedy and Bob Bly and learned to write sales letters. After posting my sales letter on a simple, one-page website, I sold more than people who had been with the company for 6 years. I have been writing copy ever since.

On the personal side—I’m a musician living in rural Tennessee with my wife and our cat. I loosely follow MMA and love shooting my bow in the large field behind my house.

Joey McGuire
Nashville, TN

Joey McGuire