Landing Pages Convert Like Crazy

Having only 1 link focuses your prospects’ attention on only taking ONE action

Imagine a customer is reading your blog post about putting together a doggie first aid kit when she notices a headline in the sidebar that reads “7 Ingredients You Should NEVER Feed Your Dog.”

Curious, she clicks on the button below the headline and she’s taken to a page where she can download the free report. All she has to do is enter her name and email…

This page your customer has landed on is called, appropriately enough, a landing page.

It’s unique in that it’s typically very short, and it doesn’t have all the links, videos, and other gadgets you might find on a home or product page.

There will usually be an image, an introduction, some bullet points, and the form. The customer has only 2 choices – exit the page or fill out the form.

Once she enters her information in the form, your autoresponder  adds her to your newsletter. Click here to learn about the power of an email newsletter.

It’s important that your landing page is well-written and professional, as this is one of the key tools potential customers will use to decide whether or not to give you their information.

As a professional pet copywriter, I help pet marketers set up professional landing pages, newsletters, and sales pages. Click here if you’d like me to help.