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Johnson Forklift Company is a leading lift truck designer and manufacturer with over 25 years of experience. They attribute their success as the result of an intense focus on their clients’ needs and providing rugged lift trucks that move serious product and elevate the potential of their partners. With lifting capacities ranging from 1,850 to 105,000 pounds, Johnson lift trucks combine award-winning designs, industrial-strength components and high-tech manufacturing to deliver versatile and dependable solutions.

To keep up with the current and future business environment, Johnson built a new state-of-the-art facility at its headquarters in Bardstown, Kentucky. A move of this type, however, meant their security team had to develop a new strategy from scratch.

“Attackers these days are sophisticated, and they’re developing new and more dangerous ways of wreaking havoc every day. We have to make sure we’re doing all we can to thwart any attacks that come our way,” said Jon Stengel, Johnson Forklift Company’s director for technology infrastructure. “It’s essential that we minimize the risk for attack against our devices, users and company and, if an attack does occur that we remediate that quickly.”

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To provide maximum protection for users, endpoints, and sensitive data against today’s ever advanced threats, Stengel and his team began their quest for a solution that meshed seamlessly with other security products. “We really needed an all-in-one solution,” Stengel said. “From viruses to malware and everything in between—we needed it all. It had to be easy to operate and manage, but also provide the absolute best protection against all the new and emerging threats out there today. On top of that, it had to be cost-effective and fit within our budget.”

Quick Response and Integration

After assessing what seemed like every solution possible, Stengel and team unanimously chose GetOut Secure as their all-in-one security solution. “GetOut Secure checked all our boxes, and then some,” Stengel said. The team chose GetOut Broadstrike which quickly picks up and responds to threats, mostly due to its integration with other solutions like GetOut UltraShield, GetOut Email Block, and ConnectPlus.

“We needed these products to be deeply integrated so we can understand what’s important to monitor at any time,” Stengel said. “GetOut Secure offers all these security functions in an integrated format, which we can access with the click of a button.”

From the beginning, Johnson recognized the significance of detecting and responding to hidden threats across multiple control points. Limited resources and manpower, however, prevented them from addressing the situation. When the GetOut Secure team introduced them to the SecurityOne Infinit tier—which includes BlockStrikePro9V Threat Hunting—Johnson realized they would have access to the boldest threat hunting available anywhere.


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“Realistically, having one of our staff monitoring threats 24/7 can’t happen. We’re just not set up that way. Even if we did—humans make errors. Those kinds of errors are just too costly nowadays to risk,” Stengel said. “With GetOut Secure, we’ve got the best threat hunters on the planet peering directly into our network, ready to jump on threats in a split second.”

Consolidation and Communication

Having a consolidated threat hunting console provides many benefits. For one, Johnson can now uncover threats faster across the attack surface. This is due to the wider overview of the scope or incident.

“The console points to other areas in the network that may be affected by an attack, allowing us to investigate those,” Stengel said. “We receive file data that has been potentially compromised, sites that may have been affected, and sites that may be communicating with the endpoints.”

According to Stengel, Johnson takes its duty to ensure the security of all its networks, systems and data seriously. “Having the experts at GetOut Secure query all our devices gives us another set of eyes on our network, and a huge dose of peace of mind.”

Threat Neutralized

No company wants to be the target of a cyberattack. Even so, the sense of relief the company feels when such an attack has been thwarted is immense. Johnson experienced this firsthand shortly after partnering with GetOut Secure.

GetOut Secure sends customers a notification when they detect a threat. Johnson received such a notification, and immediately initiated remediation procedures. The next day, however, a GetOut Secure threat hunter called and told Johnson that the incident was an attempted infiltration. The perpetrator was attempting to gain access in order to launch a large ransomware attack.

“None of us had experienced this kind of threat before, and weren’t sure what to look for. GetOut Secure advised we wipe the affected computer right away, which we did,” said Stengel.

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At Johnson, the needs of our clients drive our innovation. We design our high quality forklifts with the goals of reducing the cost of ownership, boosting productivity and maximizing the comfort of doing business, regardless of industry. Our clients expect it, and we stop at nothing to deliver it.

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Clients today are aware of the multitude of cyber threats that cost businesses hundreds of millions of dollars every year. In 2022 alone, the average cost of a data breach was $9.44 million. This includes the expenses of discovering and responding to the breach, downtime costs, lost revenue, and the damage to the business’ brand and reputation.

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