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“Our ability to satisfy our customers has gone through the roof working with J&M. Without a doubt, they are the best supplier we’ve ever worked with.”

David Simms, Co-Founder, Bumpy’s Pet Boutique


Revenue increase in the first year

From 7 days to 1

Expedited delivery time compared to previous suppliers

No Minimum Orders and Free Shipping

Easy online ordering, 7 days a week


Increase in customer retention

Bumpy’s Pet Boutique opened its doors in 1990 specifically to provide pet owners a unique, upscale experience that was unheard of at that time. Their approach – a highly-trained staff and superior customer service – has paid off. The boutique has earned a solid reputation in the community and has expanded from a mere 800 square feet rented space, to the 9,000 square feet building they now call home.

When David and Evelyn Simms launched Bumpy’s, they chose as their primary supplier a company recommended by a family member, who was a veterinarian. As the business began to grow, however, the limitations of this supplier became obvious, and the associated headaches grew right along with the business:

  • Inattentive staff. Sometimes they felt like they were bothering the rep when they called to place an order or ask a question
  • Large minimum orders. As a smaller, specialty boutique, they didn’t always need thousands of dollars’ worth of product. Plus, they didn’t have much storage space.
  • Limited brands. Many customers asked for brands that Bumpy’s couldn’t get through this supplier. The brands they did offer seemed inferior to what the owners envisioned. Worse, the supplier seemed to be constantly reducing their SKU count.
  • Inaccurate orders. Missing items were common, as was receiving product that was never ordered.

“The last straw was when they upped their minimum order,” explained David Simms, Co-Owner. “We knew we needed a supplier who was more of a partner than just a vendor.”

The following years brought even more heartache as one supplier after another failed to meet expectations, with each presenting its own unique challenges. Ultimately, most were not equipped to provide the quality and quantity they needed to provide their customers a truly unique experience.

No Minimum Orders and Free Shipping

In the search for a new solution, David Simms spoke with what seemed like every wholesale pet supplier on the planet. But in J&M Wholesale Pet Suppliers, he found what he was looking for: no minimum orders, free shipping, and impeccable customer service.

“The fact that J&M places heavy emphasis on no minimums AND customer service meant everything to me because it’s usually one or the other – and we needed both,” Simms says. “And free shipping was the icing on the cake. We were very confident that J&M was far superior to anything else out there.”

Bumpy’s team members can easily place orders online, seven days a week. Whether they need a large order – or just to replenish a few fast-movers – J&M always comes through, usually delivering in 3 days or less. They would no longer need to wait on hold for the “next available representative while being reminded, “your call is important to us” – only to finally be connected to someone who can’t answer even basic questions.

“One thing I really like is that their rep calls us about once a month just to make sure things are running smoothly,” says Simms. “They ask us questions about recent orders and keep us in the loop about any upcoming changes. It says a lot about the character of their business, and makes us feel like they have a vested interest in ours.”

A 30% Increase in Business Almost Overnight

One of the main reasons Simms chose J&M is their 40-year track record of taking care of their customers. He immediately felt they understood where he was coming from and was impressed at the level of interest they showed in his business.

“You just don’t stay in business that long unless you’re doing something right,” Simms says. “Having systems in place is important, but unless you have the right people running those systems, you’re not going to be operating at a hundred percent. I was convinced J&M had both in place.”

Simms notes that within 90 days of working with J&M, Bumpy’s added more staff. Eventually, they increased their operating hours – instead of 9 am to 7 pm, they now operated from 8 am to 11 pm. This meant adding another shift.

“It was a different world than the one we were used to,” says Simms. “Customers who used to leave disappointed because they couldn’t find what they were looking for were now regulars. In many cases, we were the only place in town you could find these brands.”

Having sufficient quantities of brands customers are looking for and being able to quickly replenish them has dramatically increased Bumpy’s bottom line.

“One thing that hurt us in the past was employee turnover,” Simms says. “Nobody wanted to be the one telling customers we don’t have what they’re looking for. And since we invest heavily in our staff, it hit our pocketbooks pretty good. Being able to give our customers what they want has increased employee retention substantially. I’d say our overall business increased about 30% the first year after we started working with J&M.”

Delivery in a Day – Instead of 7

Easy online ordering, having more than 10,000 items in stock from both major and exclusive brands, no minimum orders, and free shipping all play key roles in Bumpy’s success. According to Simms, however, J&M’s speed is what impresses him the most.

“I still remember being told that the soonest I could expect to receive my order is seven days,” Simms says. “And even when it arrived, it would never be right. With J&M, even though their policy says we can expect our order in 3 to 5 business days, we almost always get it the next day. I honestly don’t know how they do it.”

Biggest Brands Always in Stock

Today, more than ever, not having the products customers want in stock can mean death for any brick and mortar business. With so many online options, competition is beyond fierce.

“We’ve been able to compete with the big guys because we offer what they don’t,” says Simms. “A lot of our staff are trained veterinary techs, and one of our managers is a retired veterinarian – so any question you may have about your pet’s health and nutrition – we’ve got you covered…that means nothing, though, if you don’t have adequate inventory.”

From easy online ordering to super-fast delivery, J&M Wholesale Pet Supplies has changed business for the better at Bumpy’s Pet Boutique.

“Our ability to satisfy our customers has gone through the roof working with J&M,” Simms says. Without a doubt, they are the best supplier we’ve ever worked with.”

Since 1959, J&M Wholesale Pet Supplies has helped pet businesses of all sizes address their customers’ needs by providing the largest selection of the most popular and exclusive brands of pet products on the market today. Based in Austin, Texas, they serve all 50 U.S. states and Canada. For more information, visit www.jmpets.com.

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